World’s first Pokémon Go Wearable

Pokemon Go Plus

It was inevitable that a Pokémon GO wearable would surface sooner or later.

The new Pokémon Go Plus is a $35 wrist-worn device backed by semiconductor manufacturer Dialog, which says “the SmartBond DA14580 Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip (SoC) means Pokémon masters won’t miss valuable playing time or carry around a bulky device.”

Indeed. If you’re planning a Pokemon hunt, you’ll still need a data-enabled smartphone – but this official Nintendo GO Plus device connects via Bluetooth and doesn’t burn your battery quite as much as using the phone to hunt the pesky little creatures.

Once you’re nearing a Pokémon monster or a Poke stop, LED and vibration alerts help users to track down Pokémons and a single press of the integrated button will search a Pokestop for goodies, or allow you to throw a ball to catch a Pokémon .

Sounds like a sensible way of getting your head out of your black mirror while Pokémon hunting … Dialog is pushing its ultra low-power technology, which means users get more miles per battery…


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