Welcome to the world of wearable technology!

Did you get a high tech wearable device as a holiday gift? Are you now wondering exactly what to do with it, and why you should wear it?

Wristband TrioHere’s some hints to help you get started:

  • Keep on wearing it: Most wristband devices are waterproof and should be worn 24×7 – unless as advised otherwise, for example, some bands should not be worn while swimming. By wearing the device all the time, you’re building up personal data – you have made a start on your Quantifiable Self
  • Read the Manual: Wristbands are high-tech devices and are not always easy to set-up – for example, the Jawbone UP has only one button, and the Fitbit Flex requires taps to change in and out of sleep mode. By reading the manual, you’ll save a lot of frustration later – and possible avoid having to reset your band and lose data
  • Use your non-dominant hand if possible: For accuracy, if you’re a right-hander, put the band on your left wrist (and vice versa). The app for many devices also allows you to specify which hand you’re using
  • Go out and do something: Bands track movement, so by getting out and moving around, you’ll start to generate data
  • Give it a few days: After you’ve worn the band for a few days, so you’ll see some patterns start to emerge from your data – for example, the best times you sleep (see this post for more). Over time this can become actionable analytics – try and tune in to your natural rhythms

Most wristbands sync to a smartphone via Bluetooth – so if you are having trouble, make sure your mobile is up to the minimum requirements. The most-popular bands sync with the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C, as well as some Android devices – mostly the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. If your device is not syncing, you can also try connecting to a PC or Mac.

Did you just get a wearable technology wristband? Post a comment with your first impressions here …


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