Wearabletech news round-up …

Here’s some of the latest news on wearable technology, from around the web, on December 30, 2013 …

  • The UK’s Daily Telegraph says Fitbit is pushing to become the leading wearable tech company in 2014, and planning a major international marketing campaign
  • Fitbit also appears to be working on Windows apps for its wristband devices, with a job posting for a Product Manager to “product manage … apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8” according to this job ad on LinkedIn
  • Google is said to be weeks away from launching prescription lenses for Glass, according to TechTimes
  • ERI, the thinnest route-tracking smart sport wristband, smashes through its $15,000 fund-raising goal on Indiegogo, raising $34,000, with another 48 hours still to go
  • 2014 is “expected to be the year of wearable technology” according to the Indian website Business Standard, so watch this space!


2 Responses to Wearabletech news round-up …

  1. Interesting, considering I’ve seen gorgeous full-page adds for the Samsung Galaxy watch in rose gold in every major fashion magazine in the last two weeks. If I was Nike, I’d be riding on the coat tails of that massive advertising campaign and offering a complementary product to scoop up a bit of market share in the band biz.

  2. Simon Jones says:

    Good point Brenda, wonder if they missed it because of Christmas?

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