Wearable projects currently raising big bucks via crowd-funding


Well thought-through wearable projects are raising big bucks on crowd-funding platforms right now, unlocking capital that will deliver a new wave of technology in early 2015.


The GeakWatch II promises a week-long battery life (photo: PR)

Among the leading lights are the somewhat oddly-named GEAK Watch II Pro smartwatch, which is more than 1500 percent over-subscribed on its original modest raise target of US $16,355 on funding platform Pozible – with the total so far currently standing at more than $250,000.

That’s particularly impressive considering that funding has come from only around 430 backers, making an average investment of just under $600, which is very high for a crowdfunding platform.

GEAK Watch II is the second-generation of a Chinese smartwatch. Although it has what looks like an analog face, the GEAK actually has a full transflective screen which switches from lit LCD to power-saving e-ink display when not in use, helping to preserve battery life.

Hush – smart earplugs (photo: PR)

Meanwhile US-based start-up Hush blew through its $100,000 Kickstarter goal in less than a week, and has currently gathered almost $130,000-worth of pledges from 1123 backers (garnering a more realistic sounding $113 per supporter) to support the development of what it terms the world’s first smart earplugs, since they can filter out selected sounds.

Hush has now introduced a $175,000 stretch target to also develop and implement some soothing sleep sounds into its wireless noise masking headphones.

RestOn – a new approach to sleep tracking (photo: PR)

WTW predicts that 2015 will be the year when consumers wake up to the awareness that sleep trackers can really help improve their lives, by analyzing their unconscious hours and offering actionable analytics.

Consequently, we expect the market for sleep trackers to really start booming. Underlining that, over on Indiegogo, RestOn took only the duration of a good night’s sleep to smash through the $50,000 funding target for its “non-wearable smart device that truly understands and improves your sleep”: a band which looks a bit like a car seatbelt. This sits on top of your mattress to pull together detailed sleep stats, which are presented via a smartphone.

Know of any more stellar wearable crowdfunding projects? Let us know.





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  1. […] But there’s increasing momentum in an alternative approach. On the fast-developing analog side of the divide, French wearables firm Withings led the way with its bold but still-not-available Activité (it’s been “coming soon” for weeks, and a promo in mid-November promised delivery within 28 days, but as of today it’s still not available to order). Then came the Geak Watch, as mentioned here recently. […]

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