The fickle world of fashion takes another look at wearables

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Less than five years after scoring a top 10 single around the world with Fashion, rock icon David Bowie found himself struggling to keep up with changing fashions. His 1984 album Tonight is widely regarded as one of the weakest of his career (although it does have a couple of stand-out tracks). But we digress.

Just six months ago, fashionista technologist Syuzi Pakhchyan dismissed wearables as being ‘a long way from fashionable and therefore largely irrelevant to fashion companies‘.

And last month, the venerable USA Today informed us that “Wearable tech needs fashion fix to maximize market“, quoting from a report published by Beecham Research to share insights such as “tech-fashion synergy could significantly goose sales” and quoting the report’s author as saying “It’s time for the fashion industry to embrace technology and for tech companies to realize that they can’t do it on their own.”

The “tory BURCH FOR FITBIT FRET PENDANT NECKLACE” (image courtesy Tory

Fashion, turn to the right: Here comes the world’s 79th most powerful woman (according to Forbes magazine) and “queen of bohemian chic” with the solution.

For just US $175 you can now order a golden enclosure for the Flex tracker, enabling it to be worn as a pendant – although we think it looks a bit like a mini-coffin on a necklace. The dangly shiny object has been launched by New York fashion designer Tory Burch, who has teamed up with Fitbit to announce that “the signature colors, prints and designs of Tory Burch meet the technology of Fitbit Flex”.

There’s a range of swirly patterns printed on an otherwise regular silicon Fitbit Flex strap (US$38) plus a $195 metal hinged bracelet, and the necklace, which is officially called a “Metal Fret Pendant” and is “a solid brass pendant necklace that’s both stylish and sensible” (a combination we didn’t realize actually existed!). The pendant can be pre-ordered online – Flex tracker not included.


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