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Withings Activité disappoints: A less-than-smartwatch

The Activité is a brave attempt on an alternative smartwatch from French wearables firm Withings – but is it good enough to take on devices with a digital display? After 10 days of extensive

Rashgate: Another rash move for Fitbit

For smart wristband leader Fitbit, it’s Groundhog Day. Approaching a year after it was forced to pull its Force tracker from the market, Fitbit is again finding itself awash with more complaints that

Meanwhile, over in England … the Daily Mail weighs in on wearables

The good old UK Daily Mail – able to put a negative spin on almost anything. There’s even a Daily Mail story generator out there (opens in new tab)  … this time it’s wearables that

Apple poised to dominate smartwatch market

Apple looks set to dominate in smartwatches once it finally launches the Apple Watch smartwatch this March April – and will own half the entire smartwatch market by 2017, according to the latest reports.

Analysis: Why Google killed Glass

Mainstream media are surprised, but it was only a matter of time until Google took its Glass project out to the paddock and put a bullet in its head. That happened today.

Ear-worn devices: A new category of wearable tech

Just when you thought Sony could never again match the brilliance of its Walkman, it comes up with the Smart B-Trainer - new in-ear wearable technology.

Final rays from the first-generation Shine?

It always signals the beginning of the end: The special edition model packed with all imaginable extras, to help sustain a product’s position in the market just a little longer. In the automotive

2015: Truly the year of wearable tech?

One year ago, pundits declared that we were entering the so-called Year of Wearable Technology. Here at Wearable Tech Watch, we’d say these predictions were not wrong, but just a year early,

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet: What’s it all about?

Throughout history, expensively packaged "health giving" products have made good money, even if the actual benefits are spurious or questionable. Think slimming pills, or anything that provides a “cure” for baldness. We

A little pre-Christmas fun: Santa’s smartwatch

It’s almost Christmas and WTW has been tickled by the seasonal spirit – which is why we have agreed to publish this infographic from Financial Force. For the many readers who don’t