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2015: Truly the year of wearable tech?

One year ago, pundits declared that we were entering the so-called Year of Wearable Technology. Here at Wearable Tech Watch, we’d say these predictions were not wrong, but just a year early,

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet: What’s it all about?

Throughout history, expensively packaged "health giving" products have made good money, even if the actual benefits are spurious or questionable. Think slimming pills, or anything that provides a “cure” for baldness. We

A little pre-Christmas fun: Santa’s smartwatch

It’s almost Christmas and WTW has been tickled by the seasonal spirit – which is why we have agreed to publish this infographic from Financial Force. For the many readers who don’t

In China, sex sells wearables

In China, sex sells – and it looks like Vietnamese-American wearables entrepreneur Sonny Vu has realized this. Perhaps that’s why the latest Chinese market flyers for the Misfit Shine carry somewhat more

Supply problems or over-demand for Withings Activité?

Promised for mass-market shipment before Christmas, has Withings been swamped with demand for its new Activité smartwatch, or does it have supply chain problems?

Review: NuBand Activ+ steps up competition in sub-$100 tracker market

Review: Here's what happened when we put the entry-level Nuband Activ+ activity tracker through its paces on the mean streets of New York City.

The latest glut of trackers: Not quite smart enough for smartwatch status

As Fitbit builds out its range of wearable technology, it has wisely decided not to call its new flagship product, the Surge, a smartwatch, but a "fitness super watch".

Mobile carriers ‘circling wearables ecosystem’, says new report

If you'd like to find out what Durex is planning in terms of wearable tech, this report is for you

The fickle world of fashion takes another look at wearables

Fashion, turn to the left / Fashion, turn to the right / Ooh, Fashion We are the Goon Squad and we’re coming to town, beep beep Less than five years after scoring a

ERI smart wristband: Die young, stay beautiful

Just a few days ago we reported on the long-awaited arrival of the ERI smart wristband: A brave go-it-alone effort by a Chinese company to crack the market, supported by a $50,000-plus