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Getting it right second time

In the technology industry, it’s rare to get anything right first time. In fact, we once worked with a software company that started from the get-go with version 3.0 of their software

Withings wakes up: 11th hour reprieve for Activité Pop

Shortly after we’d printed the return shipment label for the Withings Activité Pop, the smartwatch that has so far proven itself woefully inadequate in sleep tracking, Withings wakes up to address the

Polar wearabletech wristband is driving me Loop-y

One of the factors that will make or break the mass-market success of wearabletech is the user experience (UX), as Apple ably demonstrated with the iPad when revolutionizing the home computing market.

Today’s wearables are boring, says user experience designer

Wearable technology needs to become less boring if it is going to fulfill its promise, says user experience designer Giuliano Maciocci.  “Ultimately, wearables today are conceptually exciting but practically boring,” he argues