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Fitbit and Jawbone fight to stem tide of in-field failures

Judging by the volume of tweets to their Support accounts on Twitter, leading smart wristband makers Fitbit and Jawbone are both fighting to stem the tide of in-field failures of their smart wristbands. We’re

Withings Activité disappoints: A less-than-smartwatch

The Activité is a brave attempt on an alternative smartwatch from French wearables firm Withings – but is it good enough to take on devices with a digital display? After 10 days of extensive

ERI smart wristband: Die young, stay beautiful

Just a few days ago we reported on the long-awaited arrival of the ERI smart wristband: A brave go-it-alone effort by a Chinese company to crack the market, supported by a $50,000-plus

Fitbit cancels the Force: Our analysis

Disappointing news from Fitbit that it has decided to withdraw the Force smart wristband from sale – in a move that also provides an insight into the unforgiving pace for market share

Wearable tech needs to be sustainable, too @Fitbit

A package arrived today – a replacement wristband for the Fitbit Flex. This is the second replacement, which does not say much for the durability of the Flex, purchased in mid-July this

The #wearabletech clones are coming!

As reported in TechinAsia.com, the controversial Jawbone UP clone, Codoon, is now shipping. TechinAsia has side-by-side pictures showing just how close a copy it is. And as I discovered recently when visiting

Update: Fitbit rushes out Galaxy S4 sync beta

It appears that Fitbit is trying hard to resolve the Bluetooth sync issue with Fitbit Flex and Galaxy S4 phones, after fobbing off disgruntled users with doublespeak for the last week. Earlier

Die young, stay pretty …

Den Howlett is the latest to discover that Jawbone UP appears to have a 60-day life – his story is almost the same as mine … including the migration to Fitbit. When

Reliability is letting wearable tech down

Another month, another bad experience with regard to reliability of wearable tech – this time with the Fitbit Flex.  When the silicon wristband was only about a month old, it started coming