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SoulAthlete takes gamification of wearables to next level

Start-up SoulAthlete.com is following the sage advice that points mean prizes with a new platform that enables wearables users to compete with each other on steps and other stats – regardless of

Wearable tech can’t defy science!

Some enlightening stories in the media are emerging with regard to smart wristband users complaining that they have GAINED weight since getting a Fitbit or Jawbone. CNBC has one where a disgruntled Fitbit

How wearable technology truly changed my life

It started out as a gadget thing, but within a year had a fundamental effect on my future health. By WearableTechWatch lead author Simon Jones Can wearable technology really change your life, or

Samsung’s Simband confirms the real battle of the smartbands is for data collection

Samsung’s announcement this week of the Simband “reference design” simply underlines something that has been becoming clearer and clearer over the last year: that the real battle of the smartbands will not

Nice wearable technology! But is it actually wearable?

It might be called wearable technology, but is it actually wearable? Heart-rate sensors like the range made by Polar are popular among athletes, since they provide beat-by-beat pulse tracking, which helps ensure optimum

Welcome to the world of wearable technology!

Did you get a high tech wearable device as a holiday gift? Are you now wondering exactly what to do with it, and why you should wear it? Here’s some hints to

Wearable technology in the enterprise – a different story for tethered and non-tethered workers

Are you a tethered or a non-tethered employee? Depending on your answer, your experience with #wearabletech in the workplace will be very different, as we discussed on a panel this morning at

In pro sports, #wearabletech is already mainstream

In professional sports, wearable tech has definitely arrived. As they step on to the soccer field, the 2012 Olympic Gold winning US Women’s National Soccer team are bristling with technology – tracking

Sports wearables: Can we create the bionic man?

In sport, there’s a thin line between enhancing and boosting performance. From the days when male cyclists started shaving their legs for the aerodynamics, to the shark-skin swimming costumes worn in the

Countdown to Wearable Tech Expo in Los Angeles

#Wearabletech aficionados from around the world will be gathering in Los Angeles next week  at the Wearable Tech Expo – and I’m joining them. As well as blogging from the event, I’ll be