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It Ain’t Easy Getting Pebbles into Germany

I’m increasingly confused by the saga of Pebble’s ongoing problems in shipping to Germany … it’s either possible, or it is not possible. I’m getting conflicting reports from the firm’s HQ in

Buying Pebble – a glitch

Three months after pre-ordering Pebble via Kickstarter, there’s still no sign of my order … yet it’s now on sale in US BestBuy outlets (frustrating, I learned this a week too late

IPOs for wearable tech companies?

According to AllThingsD, Fitbit has raised a further $43m in a fourth round of funding. The privately-held company hasn’t gone public on what it will spend the money on – but “our

Preordering Pebble!

My Pebble is now on order … delivery due “this summer”, so let’s hope it’s soon! /WTW