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Did Nike sacrifice FuelBand on the Apple altar?

Did Nike sacrifice its FuelBand on Apple’s altar? Is the decision a sign that the long-hyped iWatch is actually going to launch soon? Looking into the past helps to provide the big picture. Nike and

Personal data is the real value of #wearabletech

In the smart wristband market, there’s a land grab going on right now – not just to sell you a wearable technology device, but to get hold of your data. How personal

There’s gonna be a (wrist) revolution

Smartwatches look like they’ll play a major role at CES, the show even has a dedicated exhibition area called Wrist Revolution (no snickering please) featuring 10 firms. Among them is the navigation

Nike moves to turn #wearabletech into a fashion accessory

The new limited-edition Nike+ Fuelband Gold looks like a move to turn wearable technology into a fashion accessory. At a $20 premium over the price of its regular FuelBand SE, Nike has

New wearables: Nike+ Fuelband SE and fugly Fitbug Orb

Hard on the heels of Fitbit’s Force comes another wave of wearable technology – turning wrist space into valuable real estate. Two more new arrivals in the last 24 hours – at

Nike+ FuelBand voted “wearable tech of the year” by UK magazine

The UK’s Shortlist magazine (which incidentally I’ve only ever seen at airports) has voted the Nike+ FuelBand its “wearable tech of the year”. But it’s hardly a stylish win. Jawbone’s UP is noticeably