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iWatch speculation time: Still too early

Lucky Apple – it enjoys such great media interest in its products. All it needs do is send out a media invitation to a launch event on September 9 and the world’s

Tested: Sony SmartWatch2

Smartwatches: You couldn’t move at the technology show CES earlier this year for them, and yet more launched recently at MWC. So what’s all the fuss about? WearableTechWatch put a Sony SmartWatch

If Apple does launch an iWatch, there’s one thing you can expect

The rumor mill is going into overdrive with excitement that Apple might be “finally” about to launch the iWatch: Today’s hype is stories that Apple’s iWatch might be able to monitor health

When Will Fitbit Launch Flagship Force in Europe?

What is holding early market leader Fitbit back from launching its new flagship smart wristband into Europe? At this week’s Wearable Technologies Europe conference, Fitbit had a booth in the exhibition area showing