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Pebble breaks records, Withings just breaks

It’s been a record-breaking week for Pebble and a shattering week for Withings. As Pebble raised a staggering $20 million plus to close its round of funding for its next-generation smartwatch Pebble Time,

Apple Watch too expensive? Then it’s not aimed at you

If you balked at the price of an Apple Watch, then you’ll possibly be surprised to learn something: It’s not targeted at you. According to two recent reports, Apple is hitting the

2015: Truly the year of wearable tech?

One year ago, pundits declared that we were entering the so-called Year of Wearable Technology. Here at Wearable Tech Watch, we’d say these predictions were not wrong, but just a year early,

Wearable projects currently raising big bucks via crowd-funding

Well thought-through wearable projects are raising big bucks on crowd-funding platforms right now, unlocking capital that will deliver a new wave of technology in early 2015. Among the leading lights are the

Updated: Start-up Hush delivers selective deafness

Start-up Hush hopes to raise money via crowd-funding for its sleep-aiding headphones

And the beat goes on

When it comes to wearable technology, it’s easy to obsess over smart watches and wristbands, and overlook actual clothing that’s also very much a growing market segment, with great potential. Although fashionistas

Goccia leads the race towards a hot summer for activity trackers

It is promising to be a hot summer for wearable technology. In an increasingly-crowded market for wearables, the Goccia activity tracker promises real innovation. The Kickstarter-funded firm is developing a tiny tracker that

The world’s first ‘smart hoody’ to launch in June

Kickstarter project Zuzance is following the assumption that for wearable technology to become popular, it must also be fashionable enough to be wearable. Its crowd-funding project is targeting younger buyers with a

SlikGear: New app navigates the fast-growing world of wearable technology

Are you in the market for a smartwatch, a movement-tracking wristband or some smart glasses? If you are thinking about buying some wearable technology, there’s more choice hitting the market every day,