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Fitbit cancels the Force: Our analysis

Disappointing news from Fitbit that it has decided to withdraw the Force smart wristband from sale – in a move that also provides an insight into the unforgiving pace for market share

Smart wristbands and smartwatches are merging

Posting earlier this week on the rumors swirling around an Apple iWatch led to an “aha” moment, the realization that wearable technology smartwatches and “smart” wristbands like the Fitbit Flex and Nike+

If Apple does launch an iWatch, there’s one thing you can expect

The rumor mill is going into overdrive with excitement that Apple might be “finally” about to launch the iWatch: Today’s hype is stories that Apple’s iWatch might be able to monitor health

What’s *not* launching at CES … the iWatch

Ignore the fanboi hype – there’s no way that an Apple iWatch – or iAnything – will launch at CES in Las Vegas in early January. It’s not Apple’s style, nor is

Nike+ FuelBand voted “wearable tech of the year” by UK magazine

The UK’s Shortlist magazine (which incidentally I’ve only ever seen at airports) has voted the Nike+ FuelBand its “wearable tech of the year”. But it’s hardly a stylish win. Jawbone’s UP is noticeably

Could the Apple iWatch kill wearable technology wristbands?

Could the much-hyped new Apple iWatch kill the market for wearable technology wristbands from pioneers like Jawbone and Fitbit? The elements are there already – any new smartphone sold today has the