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How to Sync Fitbit with the Internet of Things

Since launching the UP24, Jawbone has been ahead of other smart wristband makers in integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), as outlined in this post on WTW from last November. Now

Personal data is the real value of #wearabletech

In the smart wristband market, there’s a land grab going on right now – not just to sell you a wearable technology device, but to get hold of your data. How personal

What’s missing at CES in #wearabletech?

There’s a lot of hype around #wearabletech at this year’s CES, and some interesting-looking announcements from vendors like Sony, LG and even Intel. But aside from the flood of wristband-based “eco systems”,

Wearable technology in the enterprise – a different story for tethered and non-tethered workers

Are you a tethered or a non-tethered employee? Depending on your answer, your experience with #wearabletech in the workplace will be very different, as we discussed on a panel this morning at

For Bond, the world didn’t give enough #WT

This is a shame: Bond, “a modular revolution for you to wear”, fell a long way short of its $150,000 crowd-funding target. What makes Bond special is the concept of bonding two

Jawbone Updates UP for the #IOT (Internet of Things)

With a new version of its UP wristband, Jawbone moves further into the lead with #wearabletech that’s designed for the Internet of Things (#IoT). Jawbone is already ahead of the market on