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What does 2016 hold for consumer wearable tech?

If 2015 was supposed to be the “year of wearable tech”, then what about 2016? “The true year of wearables” or the year in which early consumer devices like smart wristbands start to fade away? Although

How to liberate your wearable data (tip: Let the IoT work for you)

Earlier this week we reported on Government warnings not to use wearable tech apps provided by health insurers. Now we outline how to liberate your data from the four most-popular smart wearables: The Fitbit family,

Healthcare insurers pose privacy concerns for wearables

Health insurers are using step-counting phone apps as a Trojan horse to lure customers into sharing “very sensitive information” such as daily movement, sleep patterns and even heart rate, according to a

And our Fitbit replacement? A Fitbit

It was a tough decision from a strong field of candidates, but we think the decision has been made – for now, the replacement for our recently-deceased Fitbit Flex is … another

Insights beyond the wall of sleep

Sleep tracking devices are an early win for consumer wearable technology, proving popular thanks to their ability to provide personal insights from beyond the wall of sleep. Using sleep tracking to understand

2015: Truly the year of wearable tech?

One year ago, pundits declared that we were entering the so-called Year of Wearable Technology. Here at Wearable Tech Watch, we’d say these predictions were not wrong, but just a year early,

A strange comment on wearables “clogging up the internet”

It might have been taken out of context, but there are media reports that an executive at Akamai, a company which provides cloud services, is claiming that the data from wearables is going

Woes with Withings blood pressure monitor

It was supposed to help track blood pressure – but in consistently failing to work, it ended up simply sending our readings shooting for the sky. That’s why only days after its purchase,

Beyond the hype: Wearables in the workplace

Don’t let the hype around wearable technology obscure your view of just how much of a revolutionary force this is – it’s important to understand just how disruptive wearables are turning out to

Fitbit goes IoT

Smart wristband maker Fitbit is catching up on lost ground by introducing sync with the much-hyped Internet of Things (IoT). Fitbit users can now create “channels” on IoT gateway website IFTTT for