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Can wearables really work in the workplace?

Although consumer devices like Fitbit and smartwatches have grabbed a lot of the attention, they do not tell the whole story when it comes to the development of wearable technology over the

Analysis: Why Google killed Glass

Mainstream media are surprised, but it was only a matter of time until Google took its Glass project out to the paddock and put a bullet in its head. That happened today.

2015: Truly the year of wearable tech?

One year ago, pundits declared that we were entering the so-called Year of Wearable Technology. Here at Wearable Tech Watch, we’d say these predictions were not wrong, but just a year early,

A strange comment on wearables “clogging up the internet”

It might have been taken out of context, but there are media reports that an executive at Akamai, a company which provides cloud services, is claiming that the data from wearables is going

Today’s the day you can try to buy Google Glass – if you dare

For the first time ever, Google is today making its controversial Glass more widely available to the masses, provided you’re a US resident with a US shipping address, and you’ve got $1500

Research firm IDC weighs in on wearables

Leading market research firm IDC has thrown its hat into the ring regarding market sizing for wearables. IDC’s predictions carry some weight, with a well-earned reputation for getting it right on the numbers.

Wearable technology at Mobile World Congress

Here at Mobile World Congress, wearable technology is coming to the forefront. With the technology currently falling into three categories – smart wristbands, smartwatches and smart glasses – wearables are a major hype

Google Glass Finally Comes Into Focus

Love it or hate it (and it’s a product that most people have an opinion about), you will have noticed a major flaw so far with Google Glass: if you think it looks

Trouble ahead? Wearable technology in the workplace

There could be trouble ahead for #wearabletech in the workplace. Just as employers start to get to grips with the huge problem of “Bring Your Own Device”, so “Bring Your Own Wearables”

There’s gonna be a (wrist) revolution

Smartwatches look like they’ll play a major role at CES, the show even has a dedicated exhibition area called Wrist Revolution (no snickering please) featuring 10 firms. Among them is the navigation