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Tyia smart bracelet unchains you from a smartphone

In a move that’s quite the opposite from the principles of the instant notifications of the Apple Watch, Tyia is a smart bracelet that filters out all but the most essential alerts

SoulAthlete takes gamification of wearables to next level

Start-up SoulAthlete.com is following the sage advice that points mean prizes with a new platform that enables wearables users to compete with each other on steps and other stats – regardless of

The gamification of wearable tech

Here in Barcelona, smart wristband maker Fitbit captured a lot of attention with its Fitbit Challenge, selling steeply discounted Flex bands (although without the packaging, were they returns?) to delegates at Mobile

68,000-plus steps in a day! Fitbit leads on gamification

Some people here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are taking the Fitbit MWC Challenge very seriously: Very seriously indeed. Today’s winner clocked up more than 68,000 steps yesterday – which is approximately