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Europe is already lagging behind in wearable technology

As the world waits for a predicted slew of wearable technology launching at CES next week, Europe is starting to lag behind the US, as European consumers continue to wait for most

Christmas buying guide for Wearable Technology: Part Two

The Jawbone, Nike+ Fuelband and Fitbit devices might be the poster children of the wearable technology wave (as in Part One), but if you’re on a budget or looking for alternatives, there

Wearable technology will make a great Christmas gift

Warning: Contains spoilers (especially if you’re my Mum) Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Think about giving wearable technology, it’s something that will last throughout the year. Image: Credit Suisse The wearable

Could the Apple iWatch kill wearable technology wristbands?

Could the much-hyped new Apple iWatch kill the market for wearable technology wristbands from pioneers like Jawbone and Fitbit? The elements are there already – any new smartphone sold today has the