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WearableTechWatch turns 100!

This is the 100th post on WearableTechWatch. To celebrate achieving the century, we’re sharing some statistics, and taking a look back. The blog launched on July 11 with a post entitled (Use

Fitbit improves sync on Android smartphones

Posts documenting Fitbit’s problems (original post / update / further update) in enabling Bluetooth sync with Android smartphones for its smart wristbands have been among the most popular on WearableTechWatch – and now Fitbit

Welcome to the world of wearable technology!

Did you get a high tech wearable device as a holiday gift? Are you now wondering exactly what to do with it, and why you should wear it? Here’s some hints to

Update: Fitbit rushes out Galaxy S4 sync beta

It appears that Fitbit is trying hard to resolve the Bluetooth sync issue with Fitbit Flex and Galaxy S4 phones, after fobbing off disgruntled users with doublespeak for the last week. Earlier

Update: Fitbit’s Bluetooth Fiasco

Fitbit’s Bluetooth syncing fiasco continues. To recap – as Samsung rolls out version 4.3 of Android to Galaxy phones, so Galaxy S4-owning Fitbit users are finding that their phone now fails to

Fitbit Wrong-Footed by Android 4.3 Update

Leading wearable technology wristband manufacturer Fitbit has seemingly been wrong-footed by the latest software update for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which breaks Bluetooth syncing with the Flex model. So far, Fitbit has offered