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When Will Fitbit Launch Flagship Force in Europe?

What is holding early market leader Fitbit back from launching its new flagship smart wristband into Europe? At this week’s Wearable Technologies Europe conference, Fitbit had a booth in the exhibition area showing

Gearing up for a mega test on wearable wristbands

During February, I’ll be running a mega-test on wearable wristbands. The goal is to try and get past the “so what now” point and discover which (if any) of the current crop

The ultimate comparison guide for wearable tech wristbands

Last updated: December 29, 2013 Today we’re launching the ultimate comparison guide for wearable technology wristbands – an at-a-glance chart showing all the major features of most popular bands on the market

Wearable tech needs to be sustainable, too @Fitbit

A package arrived today – a replacement wristband for the Fitbit Flex. This is the second replacement, which does not say much for the durability of the Flex, purchased in mid-July this

The #wearabletech clones are coming!

As reported in TechinAsia.com, the controversial Jawbone UP clone, Codoon, is now shipping. TechinAsia has side-by-side pictures showing just how close a copy it is. And as I discovered recently when visiting

Sports wearables: Can we create the bionic man?

In sport, there’s a thin line between enhancing and boosting performance. From the days when male cyclists started shaving their legs for the aerodynamics, to the shark-skin swimming costumes worn in the

Idiot Tax also applies to #Wearabletech

Last week I managed to lose the little USB dongle that charges my Fitbit Flex – which inevitably meant that the device stuttered to a standstill a couple of days later. The

Update: Fitbit rushes out Galaxy S4 sync beta

It appears that Fitbit is trying hard to resolve the Bluetooth sync issue with Fitbit Flex and Galaxy S4 phones, after fobbing off disgruntled users with doublespeak for the last week. Earlier

Update: Fitbit’s Bluetooth Fiasco

Fitbit’s Bluetooth syncing fiasco continues. To recap – as Samsung rolls out version 4.3 of Android to Galaxy phones, so Galaxy S4-owning Fitbit users are finding that their phone now fails to

Fitbit Wrong-Footed by Android 4.3 Update

Leading wearable technology wristband manufacturer Fitbit has seemingly been wrong-footed by the latest software update for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which breaks Bluetooth syncing with the Flex model. So far, Fitbit has offered