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ERI finally ships smart wristband – but first impressions disappoint

DigiCare, the Hong Kong outfit behind the ERI wristband, has finally started shipping the smart bands to people who supported their successful raise on Indiegogo, but first impressions are disappointing. Originally slated to ship

Goccia leads the race towards a hot summer for activity trackers

It is promising to be a hot summer for wearable technology. In an increasingly-crowded market for wearables, the Goccia activity tracker promises real innovation. The Kickstarter-funded firm is developing a tiny tracker that

SlikGear: New app navigates the fast-growing world of wearable technology

Are you in the market for a smartwatch, a movement-tracking wristband or some smart glasses? If you are thinking about buying some wearable technology, there’s more choice hitting the market every day,

For Bond, the world didn’t give enough #WT

This is a shame: Bond, “a modular revolution for you to wear”, fell a long way short of its $150,000 crowd-funding target. What makes Bond special is the concept of bonding two

AIRO: A Year in #WearableTech is a Long Time

As Canadian start-up AIRO is going to discover, a year (or even nine months) is a long time in the world of wearable technology. This week the company came out of stealth