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A Bold move: New Alibaba-sourced smartwatch hits the US market

There’s a new smartwatch on the block, and it’s certainly making a BOLD statement. We’re a little confused about the actual name of the product, which is either the iSporTix (according to

Going UP: Jawbone UP24 goes worldwide – at a price

Jawbone has finally announced worldwide availability for its flagship UP24 smart wristband. However, going UP has a double meaning, as there’s a huge price premium in some markets. The UP24, which syncs

Gearing up for a mega test on wearable wristbands

During February, I’ll be running a mega-test on wearable wristbands. The goal is to try and get past the “so what now” point and discover which (if any) of the current crop

Fitbit improves sync on Android smartphones

Posts documenting Fitbit’s problems (original post / update / further update) in enabling Bluetooth sync with Android smartphones for its smart wristbands have been among the most popular on WearableTechWatch – and now Fitbit

There’s gonna be a (wrist) revolution

Smartwatches look like they’ll play a major role at CES, the show even has a dedicated exhibition area called Wrist Revolution (no snickering please) featuring 10 firms. Among them is the navigation

Europe is already lagging behind in wearable technology

As the world waits for a predicted slew of wearable technology launching at CES next week, Europe is starting to lag behind the US, as European consumers continue to wait for most

The ultimate comparison guide for wearable tech wristbands

Last updated: December 29, 2013 Today we’re launching the ultimate comparison guide for wearable technology wristbands – an at-a-glance chart showing all the major features of most popular bands on the market

Welcome to the world of wearable technology!

Did you get a high tech wearable device as a holiday gift? Are you now wondering exactly what to do with it, and why you should wear it? Here’s some hints to

Polar wearabletech wristband is driving me Loop-y

One of the factors that will make or break the mass-market success of wearabletech is the user experience (UX), as Apple ably demonstrated with the iPad when revolutionizing the home computing market.

For Bond, the world didn’t give enough #WT

This is a shame: Bond, “a modular revolution for you to wear”, fell a long way short of its $150,000 crowd-funding target. What makes Bond special is the concept of bonding two