Supply problems or over-demand for Withings Activité?

Activité "coming soon"

Promised for mass-market shipment before Christmas, has Withings been swamped with demand for its new Activité smartwatch, or does it have supply chain problems?

Activité "coming soon" - is that soon enough for Christmas? (Photo: Withings website)

Activité still “coming soon” – is that soon enough for Christmas? (Photo: Withings website)

Smartwatch fans hoping to get an Activité for Christmas – or as a gift – may be disappointed, since the online store is continually showing that the €390 watch is sold out – even for “priority” waiting list subscribers.

A few lucky consumers have managed to get their hands on the watch, and show them off on Twitter, while other frustrated customers are still waiting…

WearableTechWatch has received several updates that the device is now finally ready to order and we’ve clicked through straight away, only to learn that the Activité is either once again out of stock, or “coming very soon”.

Meanwhile, we’re also still waiting …

With only a few days left until it will be too late to buy one for Christmas, we ask how soon is “very soon”?


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