SoulAthlete takes gamification of wearables to next level

Start-up SoulAthlete is gamifying fitness trackers

Start-up is following the sage advice that points mean prizes with a new platform that enables wearables users to compete with each other on steps and other stats – regardless of the brand of their tracker device.

SoulAthlete's web interface combines data from multiple trackers

SoulAthlete’s web interface combines data from multiple trackers

Currently accepting sign-ups from new users while in beta mode, already supports Fitbit and Jawbone smart wristbands as well as the Moves app for Android and iPhone. It plans to add support for more, including Misfit, very soon.

With the introduction of the first cross-platform tracker dashboard, SoulAthlete is advancing the gamification of wearable tech.

Gamification is a fast-growing industry trend, based on the concept of applying game design thinking to non-game applications, in a bid to make them more fun and engaging.

A good recent example is Google’s set of 124 different Android pin badges distributed across exhibitors’ stands at Mobile World Congress 2015 – there’s more info about that on PocketLint.

Privately-funded SoulAthlete positions itself as “the World’s Live Sports Training Leaderboard” but we see it as more than that – now for the first time, casual smartband wearers can see how their stats on, say, Jawbone, stack up against their Fitbit-toting buddies.

Adam Rabinowitz, Founder of Detroit-based SoulAthlete says: “Training is hard work but having fun isn’t. This is where comes in, with a platform that allows users to get healthy and stay motivated through real time competition. Competition and fun are the two major components for any successful athlete and we took this into consideration to create a place for healthy, motivating fun competition.”

The SoulAthlete leaderboard is updated every 24 hours, and the leader of the day gets a crown to add to their profile.


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