Smartwatch market heats up

The smartwatch market continues to heat-up, with Huawei’s new model getting rock-star treatment on the company’s expansive booth at Mobile World Congress – right across the hall from rival Samsung.

This week, Chinese firm Huawei and Korean vendor Samsung have been staring each other down across the aisle of an exhibition hall at MWC in Barcelona, with the Huawei Watch even stealing some of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s thunder.

Through the day, the Huawei Watch had a steady queue of people waiting to take a look – to the point where crowd interest was so high, the booth staff decided to separate it from “everyday” exhibits, including smartphones and tablets, by a velvet rope.

Huawei is pushing hard on the watch’s key features – including the highest-resolution screen of any Android watch so far, as well as a completely round watch-face, in a direct poke at the Moto 360.

Here’s a series of images from a product presentation this afternoon on the Huawei booth…


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