SlikGear: New app navigates the fast-growing world of wearable technology

Are you in the market for a smartwatch, a movement-tracking wristband or some smart glasses? If you are thinking about buying some wearable technology, there’s more choice hitting the market every day, and navigating through this can be daunting, especially for a first-time buyer. That’s why designer Julia Machotka is creating SlikGear, a new smartphone app for wearables, to “help you stay on top of wearable technology products”, offering information, images and videos.

A sneak peek of the planned SlikGear app

You can’t download the new SlikGear app yet: Julia has turned to crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to get the idea off the drawing board and on to smartphones. She’s looking to raise US $5200 to pay for the app’s coding. Some screenshots of what SlikGear should look like are already online, showing how it aims to become the definitive, always-updated go-to source for wearable technology – from hats to watches. The features that WTW likes most are the gift finder, which promises to find some left-field ideas (smart scarf, anyone?) and the “notable trivia factoids”.

As usual with Kickstarter projects, there are incentives for investors – ranging from $5 to become a SlikGear buddy all the way to an $850 advertising banner package. After just a few days, Julia has already raised more than $1000. The fund-raising campaign runs through the end of March 2014.



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