Pop goes the Withings Activité smartwatch

Activité "coming soon"

Even before its sleek but pricey $450 Activité smartwatch has made it to general sale, French wearable technology company Withings is undercutting itself with the Pop version, retailing at just $150.

OK, so you don’t get the cachet of a “Swiss made” logo on the front bezel, nor can you boast that your wearable technology was “designed in Locle, within the Swiss watchmakers valley”. However, Pop seems to have even the same face as the more expensive version, offers the same features, and boasts the same technical specifications…

Side-by-side, Withings' two new watches

Spot the difference - Activité and Activité Pop (Photos: PR)

Spot the difference – Activité and Activité Pop (Photos: PR)

So far, Withings has struggled to keep up with demand for its Activité – which is still listed as “available very soon”.

Pop orders are on “notify me” status although a few have popped up (excuse the pun) on eBay. It will come in a range of colors: Blue (“bright azure”), dark grey (“shark grey”) and light grey (“wild sand”).

These eBay offers for Pop include one seller who rather strangely is now selling their watch “bought in Best Buy” because they “wanted a more colorful watch”. Meanwhile according to Best Buy the Pop is “coming soon”, so go figure …

Separated at birth?
The more closely we compared the Pop with the Activité, the more similarities we uncovered between the smartwatches: Both have a 1.3-inch diameter, both are water resistant to 5 ATMs, both weigh 37g, and they use the same battery.

Yet the prices are miles apart: The Activité is US $450 while the  Pop is $149.95.  For your $450 you could buy three Pops, one in each of the launch colors, or a single Activité, with the “Swiss made” logo, a French Calf leather strap, “dials designed in the ancestral Le Locle village (Switzerland)” (are you getting this? The Activité is designed in SWITZERLAND, folks) and “unbreakable, scratch-proof sapphire glass”.

We raved when first seeing the Activité, but now we’re wondering why anyone would pay three times the price for essentially the same product.

If you like the look of the Withings watches, but can’t wait to take delivery, then look east. The crowd-funding sites are offering even cheaper alternatives. Pozible lists the similar-looking Paick Smart Watch, with Shenzhen, China-based developer Paick adding incoming call notification. Aside from that, Paick offers the same movement tracking options as the Activité and Activité Pop.

If we were Withings, we’d be wondering if the Pop will eat itself.


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