Our survey says … something doesn’t add up

New Vanson Bourne survey on wearable tech (image: PR)

Does the general public really understand what wearables is all about? We think not, based on the results from a recent survey on wearables carried out in the UK by reputable pollsters Vanson Bourne.

New Vanson Bourne survey on wearable tech (image: PR)

New Vanson Bourne survey on wearable tech (image: PR)

Surveying 1000 respondents, it’s one of the biggest pieces of research into public opinion that has so far been published on wristbands and smartwatches.

However, its findings leave us wondering if the Average Joe (or James, since this was a UK study) really understands what wearable tech is all about.

For starters, more people said the whole concept of wearables was “just a fad” (46% agreed, against 42% who believe – presumably the other 12% don’t know).

Despite this, those who believe in wearables really believe – almost one in three of the respondents plans to buy some form of wearable in the next two years, and smartwatches are top of the wish-list.

Here’s where the survey starts to show that people are confused by wearables … “over 3/4 regard the ability to connect to the internet as important” and “62 percent expect wireless connectivity while out and about”.

It’s not clear whether or not a tethered connection via a Bluetooth link to a smartphone would suffice – if not, then the Apple Watch is going to get a rather frosty reception in the UK.

Then we learn that the top things Brits are looking to do with their wearables are:

1. Check email
2. Access the internet
3. Tell the time
4. Have a camera
5. Store/play music
6. Make calls

An enlightened 1 in 3 think their smartphone can already do this… (we agree).

One thing the UK public is optimistic about is that wearable tech is an easy method to help them improve their health and fitness (almost 2 in 3 agree), while 28% think that wearable tech can help them get fitter in their day-to-day life.

For the full study, head on over to the microsite.


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