Nike moves to turn #wearabletech into a fashion accessory

The new limited-edition Nike+ Fuelband Gold looks like a move to turn wearable technology into a fashion accessory.

At a $20 premium over the price of its regular FuelBand SE, Nike has introduced the Rose Gold edition, “with rich metallic accents that add both distinction and durability, it’s the perfect intersection of sport and style”. So far it is available only in the US, and is positioned as the “first colorway in Nike’s new METALUXE collection”.

Nike+ FuelBand SE Rose Gold edition

Could this be the first smart wristband where appearance is more important than function? Like ADIDAS and other leading sportswear brands, NIKE long ago realized that its products appeal to a less-sporty audience … maybe the Rose Gold edition of the Fuelband is the first step in targeting buyers who are more interested in bling than biceps.

It’s not 100 percent obvious why Nike adds “distinction and durability” with the Rose Gold edition but the vendor does claim that it has “an advanced PVD-coated stainless steel clasp, bezel and screws” as well as “handworked, mirror-polished surfaces to highlight craftsmanship and detail”.


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