Mobile carriers ‘circling wearables ecosystem’, says new report

Mobile network carriers are looking to wearable technology as a growth driver and differentiator, in a largely commoditized market, according to the latest report focusing on the ecosystem around wearables. 

Lots of data points to consider in this new report on the wearables ecosystem

As wearables move into the early stages of mass adoption, the report states that smartphone manufacturers and network operators alike are “circling the ecosystem alongside tiny start-ups, all vying for a stake”.

Hardly surprising, since the report predicts that the wearables market will grow to the extent that “wearable device OEMs will pocket nearly $20 Billion from device shipment revenues” next year alone, with the compound annual growth rate for wearable shipments growing some 40 per cent year-on-year, while the wearable applications “ecosystem” will grow to an annual market value of US $850 million by 2020.

Report author is Signals and Systems Telecom, which describes itself as “one of the most foremost market intelligence and consulting firms for the worldwide telecommunications industry, with a particular focus on wireless infrastructure and mobile devices”.

The report certainly takes a comprehensive look into the wearables market over the next five years, listing more than 300 vendors, including all the early leaders in smart wristbands and watches, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Neptune and Codoon.

There are also some brands that are not currently so closely linked to wearables, such as Amazon, chip-maker AMD, luxury watchmaker Breitling, the world’s number one condom brand Durex, and CRM company

If you’d like to find out what Durex is planning in terms of wearable tech, and more, the 383-page report retails at US $2500 for a single user license. There’s more information on the SNS webpage.


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