Misfit extends wearables accessories range with more sporty gear

It’s the third product launch in as many months: Suburban San Francisco-based Misfit has just introduced more tech clothing to its line-up, as it builds out the Misfit “eco system”.

In the beginning, there was the Misfit Shine, one of the early crowd-funding success stories. Back in January 2013, the company closed its Indiegogo campaign at a staggering $846,000 and change – some 847% above its $100k target. Since then, CEO Sonny Vu and his team haven’t looked back, launching a stream of gadgets and accessories to widen the appeal of the Shine, which remains as one of the sleekest and best-executed wearable trackers to date.

It's a technical tee from Misfit

It’s a technical tee from Misfit (Photo: PR)

Misfit has taken a creative approach to how to wear the Shine tracker (see our review), offering a belt/bra/lapel clip in addition to the usual wristband – also there’s the Bloom necklace, which is sleek and stylish (and half the price) in comparison to style guru Tory Burch’s “coffin” necklace for the Fitbit Flex.

Earlier this year came the Misfit socks, including a convenient carrying pouch for your Shine tracker, then the Beddit sleep tracker, then the price-busting, battery-free Flash movement tracker … and now more clothing.

The latest addition to the line-up is the Technical Tee, listed as a “Shine upgrade”. According to the web blurb it’s an “ultra-breathable, moisture wicking tee … designed to keep you cool and comfortable for any activity”  and it of course has a special pocket to keep your Shine snug while you move.

Unlike the mainstream sports clothing manufacturers, who also offer their “sporty” lines in XXXXXL sizes, it’s a strict choice of S, M, L  and XL for men and XS, S, M and L for women. There’s also reflective logo stitching to help you glow in the dark. Oh and a Misfit logo which, from a distance, looks very similar to the Under Armour logo.


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