London wearables Meetup attracts record crowd

Wearables London founder Carl Thomas

The fusion between fashtech and wearables has attracted a record number of sign-ups to a Meetup in London this Thursday (January 29). More than 300 people have RSVP’d and 150-plus people are expected at the event, hosted by Google on its Campus London.

Organizer Carl Thomas says the “burgeoning interest in both the FashTech and Wearables industry combined” is driving a record attendance – while others are keen to take a look around at Google’s Campus London.

A stellar line-up of luminaries from both fashtech and wearables awaits attendees at Thursday’s Wearables London, with Beecham Research analysts Saverio Romeo and Claire Duke-Woolley leading off on The Fashion Tech era.

They’re followed by well-known tech clothing fashionistas Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz from CuteCircuit, presenting on interactive Fashion and Wearable Technology – a must-see if you haven’t already experienced their JPEG-based, IoT LED t-shirts and some of the tour outfits they’ve developed for pop stars.

Wearables London founder Carl Thomas

Wearables London founder Carl Thomas (photo: PR)

Packed agenda
Thursday’s event also covers innovations such as SOFTswitch technology, which is sensors in textiles – by Jean-Marc Galiana from Infi-text and D-Air – The Wearable Air Bag for motorcyclists, showcased by Giordano Sassaroli from CEFRIEL/Dainese.

Presentations will wrap up with an exclusive introduction to the smart-sensing D-shirt by Tim Sagar from Cityzen Sciences.

Says Thomas: “Every event has a specific theme, and we strive to pinpoint specific speakers who are renowned thought leaders in that specific area. I use my network as much as possible, and reach out to those who I feel could add real value to the events.”

Thomas founded Wearables London at the start of last year, aligned with his growing interest in the Internet of Things. He says: “I ran a wholesale business unit for an award winning ISP, as a joint venture with a tier 1 mobile network operator, right when the adoption of IPv6 brought about the Internet of Things. Seeing the potential opportunity and being a big music fan, I left to research and explore the concept of connected headphones, which became the basis for Audiowings.”

Attendance at Wearables London is absolutely free, and places are still available, but one thing is still lacking – and that’s sponsors. So far, despite the all-star line-up, no backer has come forwards.

More information and online signup here.


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