Can a handbag *really* be wearable technology? Ralph Lauren thinks so …

Fashion house Ralph Lauren has generated a lot of media coverage this week for the launch of a new handbag that features a built-in battery pack and – gasp – USB light. But is it really worth being categorized as wearable tech?

The “iconic” Ricky bag is certainly a nice piece of kit – as it should be for a retail price of US $3500. Now America’s favorite designer is introducing “the newest arrival that you’ll wonder how you ever did without”. The “Ricky bag with light” adds a whopping $1500 to the price tag. That’s a lot of money even for the hand-crafted addition of a USB cable and a spare battery.

Which brings us to observe that it’s a bag.

Bags are not wearable technology. Bags are used for carrying things. If you’re really into bags, why not just get a standard Ricky plus a $10 iPhone charging cable and a $23 power bank with a 2mAh outlet? Or splash out on a slick looking “power bank with flashlight” for under $50. Instead of buying the Ricky with light, you’d save enough to afford the currently discounted “Ricky ID Chain bag” for $1169, and would have room inside this for the cable and charger.

Or maybe we’re missing the point?


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