It Ain’t Easy Getting Pebbles into Germany

I’m increasingly confused by the saga of Pebble’s ongoing problems in shipping to Germany … it’s either possible, or it is not possible. I’m getting conflicting reports from the firm’s HQ in Palo Alto.

The confusion was amplified by two mails this morning. Firstly, a friendly but ultimately unhelpful mail from Pebble support:

If you have access to an address outside of Germany, we’d be happy to ship your Pebble to you there instead. Simply place a new pre-order at and specify a non-German address. Wait times are relatively brief now, no more than 10-14 business days.

Right. So I’ll just have the Pebble shipped to a family member in the UK and then nip over there to pick it up. Or pay the extra shipping charges …

Then, less than two hours later, a confirmation that my credit card has been charged for a second online order, shipping to … guess where? Yes, Germany:

Umsatzdatum: 11.10.2013
Betrag: 150,00 USD

And this just when I was thinking about cancelling the order in favor of a Fitbit Force …


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