In China, sex sells wearables

Racier Misfit Shine image for the Chinese market

In China, sex sells – and it looks like Vietnamese-American wearables entrepreneur Sonny Vu has realized this. Perhaps that’s why the latest Chinese market flyers for the Misfit Shine carry somewhat more racy images than the start-up’s advertising in the US and other Western markets.

Racier Misfit Shine image for the Chinese market

Racier Misfit Shine image for the Chinese market

Here’s an image from the latest Misfit Shine flyer currently being distributed at trade fairs in China…

Meanwhile the Chinese inWatch Pi model from Cmate looks a bit like a Misfit Shine, except that it also has a watch face, but no moving parts.

It’s on offer for Chinese ¥399, which is around US $65. 

According to the website, the device appears to sync with a smartphone, and the tracker features a “smooth curve”, “delicate surface” and “dedicated details”.

The inWatch Pi tracks steps and features a built-in vibrating alarm. The inWatch Pi also has interchangeable straps.

Cmate is also selling a ¥1080 ($175) Cogito Classic ruggedized smartwatch, which rather apes the design of the classic Casio G-Shock wristwatch, available with a front bezel in at least five bright colors.

It’s waterproof, comes with interchangeable straps (evidently the must-have feature of 2015) and appears to sync with iPhone and Android.



Cmate's inWatch - a bit of a mystery

Cmate’s inWatch – a bit of a mystery (Image: Courtesy Cmate)

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