How to Sync Fitbit with the Internet of Things

Since launching the UP24, Jawbone has been ahead of other smart wristband makers in integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), as outlined in this post on WTW from last November.

Now thanks to Australian programmer James Stone, Fitbit owners can also take advantage of the IoT via the wonderful website IFTTT. The site’s name is short for If This, Then That, and it’s the best starting point for anyone who is interested in setting up automated tasks over the web, for example, to control a WeMo device, to copy all your Facebook selfies to a Dropbox folder, or even send you an email alert when the price of a certain stock rises or falls past predefined limits.

IFTTT – your starting point for all things IoT

On IFTTT, Jawbone UP users need only a few clicks to set up a variety of channels – for example, to log sleep to a spreadsheet on Google Drive, to change mood settings based on collected data (such as the awesome “If I get less than X hours of sleep, set my Jawbone UP mood to ‘exhausted'”) or even to integrate FourSquare check-ins to a Jawbone UP news feed.

James has now made this possible for Fitbit users via his IFTTT channel, and tells WearableTechWatch that he’s working on further simplifying the process, which is explained on his blog – today you’ll probably need a bit of patience to work it out.

The easiest way to get started in syncing your Fitbit with the IoT is to use one of James’ ready-made Fitbit recipes – he’s adding more on a regular basis. So far his recipes allow the integration into Fitbit of Withings data on weight and blood pressure. What’s cheekier is the ability to cross-post data from Jawbone’s smartphone app for food, workouts and sleep – meaning that Fitbit users can take advantage of the easy-to-use food-logging function on the Jawbone UP smartphone app, as well as cross-checking data on workouts and sleep. IFTTT simply transfers and combines all synced data on a Fitbit dashboard.

James deserves kudos for this since he provided wearable technology users with a big step forwards towards the liberation of their personal bio data. To learn more, go here to get started with James’ Fitbit channel on IFTTT.



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