Updated: Start-up Hush delivers selective deafness

Hush: Hoping to make a big noise

UPDATE: Start-up Hush today launches a crowd-funding campaign for its sleep-assisting technology that enables selective deafness.

After months in stealth mode, San Diego-based Hush is ready to start its money-raising campaign via crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to develop the world’s first smart earplugs, intended to “help block out the world”.

Hush: Hoping to make a big noise

Hush: Hoping to make a big noise

While offering the ability to block out selected frequencies, such as street noise, noisy neighbors or snoring, Hush headphones also make sure the wearer doesn’t also sleep through their alarm – by playing your alarm directly into your ear, thanks to a smartphone connection.

Hush is seeking an ambitious US $100,000. Within the first hour of its Kickstarter campaign going live, donations had already passed $4000. Although donations start at $10, a pledge of $99 or more will get you the actual product at a discount on the $149 RRP, with delivery expected next May.

The firm is also following in Apple’s footsteps by offering a very limited edition of five paid of gold-plated Hush earplugs, for a donation of $2500 or more. With Kickstarter funding closing on December 23, we’ll check back to see if Christmas has come early for Hush founder Daniel Ewok Lee.



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