The Great Smartwatch Divide: Analog or digital?

Nevo watch

The smartwatch category is splitting into two – analog and digital – with new models heralding the revival of the classical wristwatch look.

On one side of the Great Smartwatch Divide of 2015 are the geeky digital variety, which will mostly need regular charging on the nightstand. The much-hyped Apple Watch falls into this category, along with offerings from Samsung, Sony, and the Moto 360.

Nevo watch

But there’s increasing momentum in an alternative approach. On the fast-developing analog side of the divide, French wearables firm Withings led the way with its bold but still-not-available Activité (it’s been “coming soon” for weeks, and a promo in mid-November promised delivery within 28 days, but as of today it’s still not available to order). Then came the Geak Watch, as mentioned here recently.

Now there’s another contender making waves in the market – nevo. We’d say that a crowd-sourced raise that is poised to hit $100k, therefore doubling its initial target, is justification for the claim. Also, this is a scorching 0-100 performance in just six days. Indiegogo is the fund-raising platform of choice for nevo, which claims to be the “first minimalist connected watch” – maybe it will indeed be the first, if Withings doesn’t ship soon.

nevo takes the analog face approach one step further, illuminating the hour markers on the face to show progress towards a daily activity goal – in the same style used by Misfit Shine.  Via Bluetooth, nevo offers “smartphone notifications” although these are restricted to buzzing and daily alarms – nothing a smartphone itself can’t do, perfectly adequately in our view.

Just like the Activité and Geak Watch, most of the info tracked by nevo is reported via Smartphone app – taking advantage of a bigger screen than anything that will fit (plausibly) on a smartwatch itself.


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