Europe is already lagging behind in wearable technology

As the world waits for a predicted slew of wearable technology launching at CES next week, Europe is starting to lag behind the US, as European consumers continue to wait for most of the last round of product launches to go on sale.

Only one of these is available in Europe so far ...

Only one of these is available in Europe so far …

At the start of January 2014, the hottest devices in the US in the fourth quarter of 2013 are still mostly unavailable – including the latest products from early #WT leaders Jawbone and Fitbit.

By contrast, smart watches from Pebble, Sony and Samsung are all available in Europe, with prices for the Sony and Samsung devices already starting to drop as demand surges:

» Samsung Galaxy Gear V700
– UK: RRP GBP 299, now on sale for GBP 225
– Euro: RRP EUR 299, now on sale for EUR 245

» Sony Universal SmartWatch2
– UK: RRP GBP 149, now on sale for GBP 130
– Euro: RRP 179, now on sale for EUR 145

Latest wristbands still not on sale in Euro-land
But there is no sign yet in Europe of the Jawbone UP24, which added Bluetooth sync (at least for iPhone), or the Fitbit Force, the first smart wristband to add an altimeter. Both became available in the US and Canada in November. By contrast, Nike’s Fuelband SE, which added sleep tracking, is on sale in the UK and mainland Europe, as is the Misfit Shine.

Surprisingly, since it is a Finnish company, Polar is still to announce the European introduction of its first lifestyle wearable technology wristband, the Polar Loop, although we understand this is coming in February. A Nike+ Fuelband SE look-alike, the Flow went on sale in the US in 2013.


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