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And our Fitbit replacement? A Fitbit

It was a tough decision from a strong field of candidates, but we think the decision has been made – for now, the replacement for our recently-deceased Fitbit Flex is … another

Withings Activité disappoints: A less-than-smartwatch

The Activité is a brave attempt on an alternative smartwatch from French wearables firm Withings – but is it good enough to take on devices with a digital display? After 10 days of extensive

London wearables show is Europe’s biggest

Europe’s biggest-ever conference on wearable technology takes place in London on March 10th and 11th. The organizers say that with more than 100 speakers and seven dedicated tracks, the Wearable Technology Show at London’s

Ear-worn devices: A new category of wearable tech

Just when you thought Sony could never again match the brilliance of its Walkman, it comes up with the Smart B-Trainer - new in-ear wearable technology.

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet: What’s it all about?

Throughout history, expensively packaged "health giving" products have made good money, even if the actual benefits are spurious or questionable. Think slimming pills, or anything that provides a “cure” for baldness. We

Wearable projects currently raising big bucks via crowd-funding

Well thought-through wearable projects are raising big bucks on crowd-funding platforms right now, unlocking capital that will deliver a new wave of technology in early 2015. Among the leading lights are the

Wearables, wearables everywhere!

With less than six weeks of shopping time before Christmas, wearable tech producers have gone into overdrive. Here's a round-up of some of the most interesting new products

Now shipping: New-generation smartwatches

Moto 360 smartwatches are back in stock with US retailers, after selling out in only a few days after going on sale in early September. And it looks as if the Moto

Woes with Withings blood pressure monitor

It was supposed to help track blood pressure – but in consistently failing to work, it ended up simply sending our readings shooting for the sky. That’s why only days after its purchase,

Tough times ahead for smart wristbands, says Gartner

Hyped as the “year of wearable technology”, 2014 has proven so far to be a disappointment in terms of mass-market adoption of smart wristbands. Instead, two of the leading brands have withdrawn