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Wearable technology at Mobile World Congress

Here at Mobile World Congress, wearable technology is coming to the forefront. With the technology currently falling into three categories – smart wristbands, smartwatches and smart glasses – wearables are a major hype

Market sizing: How big is the #wearables market today?

How big is the #wearables market today, how fast is it growing, and what will it be worth by 2018? These seem to be the billion dollar questions in the wearable technology

Google Glass Finally Comes Into Focus

Love it or hate it (and it’s a product that most people have an opinion about), you will have noticed a major flaw so far with Google Glass: if you think it looks

Trouble ahead? Wearable technology in the workplace

There could be trouble ahead for #wearabletech in the workplace. Just as employers start to get to grips with the huge problem of “Bring Your Own Device”, so “Bring Your Own Wearables”

New #wearabletech devices coming to Europe next week?

The latest generation of wearable technology smart wristbands could finally arrive in European markets as early as next week. Judging by the agenda for the 11th Wearable Technology Conference for Europe (the 11th!), which takes place

Wearabletech news round-up …

Here’s some of the latest news on wearable technology, from around the web, on December 30, 2013 … The UK’s Daily Telegraph says Fitbit is pushing to become the leading wearable tech company

Does this count as wearable technology?

The picture is blurry but you’ll get the idea – reading glasses with built-in LEDs. Pretty smart, and pretty simple. /WTW

(Use it up) Wear it out

Over the last three months, I’ve lived with a Jawbone UP! – and learned a lot, with a few surprises on the way. For an executive summary, head for my work blog … Now