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The world’s first ‘smart hoody’ to launch in June

Kickstarter project Zuzance is following the assumption that for wearable technology to become popular, it must also be fashionable enough to be wearable. Its crowd-funding project is targeting younger buyers with a

Nice wearable technology! But is it actually wearable?

It might be called wearable technology, but is it actually wearable? Heart-rate sensors like the range made by Polar are popular among athletes, since they provide beat-by-beat pulse tracking, which helps ensure optimum

Will FIFA ban the new Italian soccer shirts that “massage” players during wear?

It sounds great: wearable technology on the sports field that will actually massage players during a match, as reported by the BBC.  As we previously reported, sports wearables tread a thin line between

MWC round-up: Wearables everywhere

Last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yielded a nice crop of wearable technology, including the innovative Bluetooth headset/smart wristband combi from Huawei (which according to booth staff was their big crowd-puller this

Enablers for #wearabletech in the spotlight

Technology enablers for wearable technology have been a major focus of the first day of the 11th Wearable Technologies Conference Europe 2014, taking place in Munich, Germany. Too much tweeting on my

There’s gonna be a (wrist) revolution

Smartwatches look like they’ll play a major role at CES, the show even has a dedicated exhibition area called Wrist Revolution (no snickering please) featuring 10 firms. Among them is the navigation

Fashion and #wearabletech are not easy partners … yet

It’s not the easiest combination in the world – take geeky wearable technology and try to blend it with high fashion. What you get so far is a cliché. Get ready for

In pro sports, #wearabletech is already mainstream

In professional sports, wearable tech has definitely arrived. As they step on to the soccer field, the 2012 Olympic Gold winning US Women’s National Soccer team are bristling with technology – tracking

Sports wearables: Can we create the bionic man?

In sport, there’s a thin line between enhancing and boosting performance. From the days when male cyclists started shaving their legs for the aerodynamics, to the shark-skin swimming costumes worn in the

Left-field thinking: Non-iron and waterproof materials are #wearabletech too

In an article published today on The Drum, “materials alchemist” Lauren Bowker argues that non-iron shirts and waterproof jackets are just as much wearable tech as the all-so-trendy wristbands. It’s a good