AIRO: A Year in #WearableTech is a Long Time

As Canadian start-up AIRO is going to discover, a year (or even nine months) is a long time in the world of wearable technology.

This week the company came out of stealth mode with its wearable wristband which promises to go one better than the current slew of devices – using “proprietary technology” which uses “different wavelengths of light to look into the blood stream and detect metabolites”.

In doing this, AIRO claims that it can measure calorific intake and even “the quality of meals”. In addition to nutrition, it’s supposed to also track stress levels, plus of course the wristband standards of sleep and exercise (via movement).

The AIRO is billed, Lord of the Rings style, as the “one band for all your health goals”, and on paper, it sounds great.

However, there are a several major flaws:

  1. It’s just slideware right now, the real thing is not expected to ship until the fall of next year – and a year is a long time in wearable tech (just ask Jawbone, who have seen the UP knocked off its perch as über-cool wristwear by devices that are more feature-rich, and cheaper)
  2. AIRO is too expensive even at the crowd-funding discount price of $150 (upfront) plus $10 shipping – that’s the same as a Nike+ FuelBand SE, which you can get straight away, no waiting nine months or more
  3. There’s no guarantee that the company will actually ever bring its devices to market – so it’s a high-risk $150 bet. I’ve asked the company for an insight into how many pre-orders they’ve received, and when they respond, I’ll update.

Nice website though.


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