Airing is the world’s first hose-free CPAP machine

Airing - which aims to liberate users from sleep apnea

As regular readers will know, we’ve got a vested interest in any technology that can address the problem of sleep apnea – which is why we immediately reached for our credit card to support Airing, a new crowd-funded attempt to revolutionize the world of sleep masks.

Airing - which aims to liberate users from sleep apnea

Airing – which aims to liberate users from sleep apnea (image: PR)

Airing has been soaring in its first two days on Indiegogo, breaking through its US $100k goal in a matter of hours and currently standing just shy of $415k.

The Boston-based start-up is reinventing the approach to the CPAP – Continuous positive airway pressure – solution, which is the most effective way of treating sleep apnea (along with losing weight and giving up the booze). CPAP machines are mostly bulky and seem to attract special scans from airport security – as well as requiring the user to sleep with a face mask attached to an air pressure hose.

Airing takes a totally different approach – it is a tiny, battery-powered device that simply plugs into a user’s nostrils – with the battery giving up to eight hours of CPAP treatment.

There’s lots more about sleep apnea on the firm’s funding page, and in our two-part story (part 1 / part 2) from last year about how wearable technology really can change lives. There’s more in this video from Airing:

WTW’s pledge makes us a Platinum founder and we’re eagerly awaiting the first batch of devices.

The firm’s Indiegogo page offers more than just early access and endless gratitude for sponsors – Airing is also offering perks such as Membership of its Research Panel (for $500) and dinner with inventor Stephen Marsh for a mere $5k. If this is too much but you really crave the opportunity to get to know Stephen, who is an “avid, self-taught entrepreneur” with more than 75 patents and applications, then you can consider a $400 Skype call instead of dinner.

Having already exceeded his target by 400%, Stephen will be sleeping well tonight.


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  1. ron kubasta says:

    I’ve been sleeping with the sleep apnea machine for 10 years I am very interested in this please keep me informed on when I can get one

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