A strange comment on wearables “clogging up the internet”

It might have been taken out of context, but there are media reports that an executive at Akamai, a company which provides cloud services, is claiming that the data from wearables is going to strain the Internet’s pipes to bursting point.

It’s a valid point that wearables, and indeed the Internet of Things in general, will create additional data traffic on the web, however, this finger pointing is going completely in the wrong direction.

According to monitoring company Sandvine, it’s streaming video sites like YouTube and Netflix that, between them, consume approximately HALF of internet’s entire bandwidth.

You’re going to have to share a lot of uploads from Google Glass and daily steps reports from Fitbit to make a dent in that.

Perhaps this was simply a lame attempt to grab some headlines around wearables for a network pipes firm?


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