A little pre-Christmas fun: Santa’s smartwatch

It’s almost Christmas and WTW has been tickled by the seasonal spirit – which is why we have agreed to publish this infographic from Financial Force.

For the many readers who don’t know what ERP is: Don’t worry, it isn’t an onomatopoeic word, Santa hasn’t burped, it means “enterprise resource planning” and is a TLA (three-letter acronym) used by the computer industry to make their business processes sound mystical and important. Think “logistics”.

And, if you’re Santa, you’ll appreciate that he has a *lot* of presents, and he faces the need for “just in time” delivery.

For those to whom Santa delivers wearable technology this Christmas, we wish you a healthy 2015 as you explore the world of the quantifiable self.

Smartphone-enabled Santa (image: PR)

Smartphone-enabled Santa (image: PR)


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